2 Big GMM Updates = Intrigue + Google + Startup Fee (U)

8/3/23 (U)
GMM Staff
3 Big GMM Updates = Intrigue + Google + Startup Fee | Photo by Maria Tyutina @ Pexels

Big Update #1: Welcome to Intrigue!

Let's kick things off by saying, "Welcome to Intrigue!" 

From now on, this blog will be the only way for those wanting to learn more about Godoy Medical Marketing (GMM) to:
+ Get the latest news on our progress.
+ Learn about our recent media appearances.
+ See how we help facilities via our case studies.
+ Gain insights into our perspective on medically-relevant situations.
+ Discover our views on pressing healthcare issues via our whitepapers.

Big Update #2: Using Google to make medical facilities reputable on the web.

Today, it's a must for any medical facility to have a decent web reputation. Many looking for the care that's fit for them won't cross their front doors if they don't. And, if things stay this way for the facilities facing that dilemma, that spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

The easiest way for a facility to become reputable on the web is to gain enough 4 & 5-Star ratings on Google. It is, after all, the world's leading search engine. That, though, can be challenging. Not every patient treated will leave a rating on it, much less a high one. Also, the tools for that can be hard to use.

That is why we at GMM have always looked into how we could:
+ Devise or discover a way to make it super-easy for our partners to gain 4 & 5-Star ratings on Google.
+ 'Blend' this into our Standard and Premium systems to help them gain 50+ new patients monthly.

The problem was that everything we came up with or found was too much for a user. And, since other options were on the market, looking into this further would've been a waste of time. That's no longer the case.

Both our systems have successfully 'blended' into it a new sequence. It lets us follow up with patients on the web so that they can give our partnered facilities the ratings they need.

We see this as another step in taking our efforts to improve America's well-being to the next level. If you're the owner of a medical facility:
+ Whose views on this are the same;
+ That thinks we can empower it the best we can;

Click "Get New Patients" to see if we're a fit.

Big Update #3: A Startup Fee for rough times.

From February 2021 until now, the US inflation rate has jumped from 1.7% to 8.2%. A lot of factors have pushed it to this point. Still, this has had an awful impact on everyone. That's especially so for the owners of medical facilities already in trouble.

What's more alarming? Despite government claims, inflation doesn't seem to be easing. What would happen if the factors pushing it this high were turbo-charged this winter? The pain everyone's feeling today will worsen by at least 2x.

So, for us at GMM to prepare for rough times, we've changed the workings of our Startup Fee (SF). How?
+ We've shifted its payment format from being 100% upfront to being 12 months.
+ Rather than raising its price, we've kept it at the same level. That means a new partner will pay us $1,750.00 each month for 12 months, not all at once.

In our view, this makes it 10x easier for the owners of troubled facilities:
+ To partner with us rather than trying something that may not work.
+ To add this to their budgets in a way that doesn't cause chaos.

We must stress, though, that:
+ Our 150-Day Guarantee still stands. So, if we fail to get a troubled facility 50 patients a month in 150 days, we'll still give its owner back what they spent on us.
+ If inflation doesn't ease by March 1, 2023, it'll push us to raise our SF's price for new partners from $1,750.00/mo. for 12 months to $3,500.00/mo.

We hope things get better soon.
UPDATED 8/3/23—Effective immediately, we now offer medical facilities three new pricing & billing options.
Stay Tuned!
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